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Festival 2019

Kulturhuset Islands Brygge: Vestbo Trio

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The Cat Snooze sings 'Kattejammer Blues' by Lea Thorlann [DK]
Bartof Station - Saturday Oct. 27th 2 pm - Adm. free

Lea Thorlann celebrates the release of her E-Book "The cat 'Snooze’ sings 'Kattejammer blues"
with a small concert with the songs and excerpts of the storyline of the book.
It contains 9 blues songs and a tale illustrated with cozy drawings.
The cat 'Snooze' lives with the family, father Crane and mother Sysser and the two children
Willow and Ash, where there always is something happening. For instance - uncle Henning's dog,
Bow Vow - has died, so uncle Henning 'goes completely in the dogs'.
Then the cat Snooze sings a "Alone Blues". But father Crane and mother Sysser fetches him
in the town Herning and drive him home in their Volkswagen Van, where Willow and Ash eagerly
await his return.

The story is for children aged 5-8 years, parents - and adults in general.
The story and songs are written and sung by Lea Thorlann, accompagnied on slide guitar
by Paul Banks. Drawings are made by Nina M.B. Nielsen, and Gijs Dirks handles technical stuff.

For download from Oct. 27th.

Lea Thorlann - vokal / Alain Apaloo - guitar

Beer & Blues with Krolle Erik [DK]
Rbabarrab - Saturday Oct. 27th 4 pm - Adm. free

As part of Copenhagen Blues Festival, Rbabarrab Beerbar on Vesterbro, are staging a 3 day
'Blues & Beer' festival. A couple of weeks before the festival, they held the ‘Chicago Beer Fest’
with 7 of Chicagos best and highest rated micro breweries.
Rbabarrab continues the success during the Copenhagen Blues Festival. Thursday, Friday
and Saturday, from 16.00 to 18.00, you can enjoy the Chicago brews to the tones of great
Chicago Blues. Start the festival days with a short solo concert at cosy, friendly Rbabarrab Ølbar.

This afternoon's performer is Krolle (Curly) Erik. who started his Blues Band in 1980 in the
environment around “Huset”, particularly at “Jazzklub Vognporten”. The band was also found
on the legendary hippie album "Atomkraft? Nej tak", with bands like Gnags, Jomfru Ane, Bifrost,
Dissing, Sebastian and Gasolin. Krolle Erik's Blues Band is an institution on the Danish blues scene, and has played numerous
concerts, always with a guarantee of eminent blues.
After a recent trip to some of the most important music cities in the US, New Orleans, Austin,
Memphis, New York and Chicago, Krolle Erik was inspired and invigorated to start recording
a new album. Be among the first to hear the new songs this Saturday at Rbabarrab.

Billy Cross [US]
Mojo - Saturday Oct. 27th 7 pm - Adm. 100 kr. - Tickets: mojo@mojo.dk

Just me and my guitars"
After almost 30 years, the charismatic New Yorker, born 15. July 1946 in Manhattan, with the characteristic guitar sound, has a large place in the Danes' hearts, very much so, because he manages to convey the best from different musical worlds, from blues to rock, and from New York to Nykoebing Falster. Few can, as he, deliver a live show, which both contain dirty southern blues and pure rock'n'roll, when it's best, and ballads so heartfelt that even Angels get goose bumps. Always delivered with energy and surplus, just as unadulterated and infectious as when Bob Dylan was first captivated by Billy Cross in the late '70s, and subsequently brought Cross with him in the studio on 2 albums and on tours around the world.

For three decades Billy Cross has been a driving force in Danish musical life, both on stage, in the studio, in front of and behind the control desk, where names like Doctor Hook, Dalton, Björn Afzelius, CV J, Pretty Maids, Anne-Dorte Michelsen, Henning Strong, Johnny Madsen, Lars Lilholt and Søs Fenger all have benefited from Billy's unique ear and music appreciation. But it is live on the stage, that the talent and experience are most strongly expressed. In his more mature age he has taken up performing solo, and with great success. He peppers the music with colourful stories from 40 years in the music business.

Ms Nickki & the Memphis Soul Connection [US/Fr]
Bartof Station - Saturday Oct. 27th 8 pm - Adm. 250 kr. - Tickets: Billetto.dk

Ms Nickki - A.K.A. Nicole Whitlock - born to Emma and Jasper Whitlock, in the small country town of Holly Springs, Mississippi, is soon to be the next blues singing sensation. She gave her first performance at the tender age of 7 in the family church. That solo, ignited the spark that generated her into the blazing flame of an entertainer, which she is today. As an adult, Nicole established residency in Memphis, Tennessee.

Nicole started singing in various clubs, bars and lounges throughout the city, including on World Famous Beale Street and at several Mississippi Casinos. She is also featured weekly at Wild Bill’s Blues Club.
Her jazzy stage presence and upbeat personality earned her the name, Ms. Nickki, and in the years to follow this Dynamic Blues and Soul Diva has earned many credits to her name.

Ms. Nickki is recognized as an International Vocal Entertainer. Her three days of performances at the Dublin Ireland Soul Festival in May 2009 started a tour in which she performed in cities all over France, including Paris.

In November 2010, Ms. Nickki was invited back to France to perform in the Beautiful Swamp Blues Festival held in Calais, France, where she performed for seven days at different landmark venues. When the festival ended Ms. Nickki journeyed across France on another fabulous tour with her band, The Memphis Soul Connection, before returning to the United States.

Since then she has visited France and other countries in Europe several times, this time around including Copenhagen.

Ms Nickki - vocals / Florian Royo - guitar / Pierre Cherbero - keyboards / Julien Dubois - bass / Hugo Deviers- drums

www.soulshot.biz/ms-nickki-us   www.facebook.com/msnickki  

Paul Banks & Gustav Ljunggren [DK/S]
Bartof Café - Saturday Oct. 27th 9 pm - Adm. 70 kr. - Tickets: Billetto.dk

Paul Banks & Gustav Ljunggren. These two old friends, a couple of the scene's best guitarists, have for a number of years enjoyed a fruitful collaboration both on stage and in the studio. Each of them -and together - they make art with big ‘A’, and there is virtually no limit to what one night in their musical socializing can lead to.
Restrictions in the form of styles or labels do not belong here, it is just to fold out the ears and try to keep up. This is one of the most superb acts you will find on the danish music scene. Equilibristic guitar playing and great songs. It doesn't get any better.
Paul Bank is known for his collaboration with Ash Jacoby, Hanne Boel and Hugo Rasmussen.
Gustaf Ljunggren is known for his collaboration with C.V. Jorgensen and not least as a conductor in "The New Talk Show" with Anders Lund Madsen.

Paul Banks - vocals/guitar/mandolin / Gustaf Ljunggren - lapsteel and stringroots

Fried Okra [DK]
Café Blågårds Apotek - Saturday Oct. 27th 9 pm - Adm. 40 kr.

Fried Okra is a blues based trio from Copenhagen. The band has gained an international reputation for their alternative commandments to the Blues tradition – and the band has performed in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Latvia, Austria and Spain. The band is constantly evolving and has taken many forms since its inception. First with el-base, then with sousaphone, then trio with two guitars and drums and now trio with el-base. It forces the group to continually remain open to its own songs. Live, the songs are also interpreted differently from concert to concert and are influenced by the interaction with the audience.

Fried Okra's original material is it’s own and still has deep roots in the Blues.
A little sound of the - Louisiana swamps, North Mississippi's Juke Joints-and a lot of Copenhagen. "We have listened to blues musicians from this small northern part of Mississippi-Burnside and Kimbrough, but also to Poul Dissing and the home blues folk, Troels Jensen, Peter Thorup, Kenn Lending etc. "-Morten Lunn.

The band is heavily influenced by the small sub-genre, Hill Country Blues, from Mississippi,
and the inspiration from John Lee Hooker's hypnotic Blues is evident. The result is a good mix of blues, rock, roots. It's not few names people have compared them to after the concerts - ZZ Top, Jack White, The Doors, to name a few.

Morten Lunn: vocals/guitar/diddley bo / Thomas Crawfurd - drums/perc. / Anders Wallin -bass

Kjeld Lauritsen Trio feat. Niels HP [DK]
La Fontaine - Saturday Oct. 27th 9 pm - Adm. 100 kr.

La Fontaine brings a special jazz blues program every year with some exciting
constellations for the Blues Festival. This year it is Kjeld Lauridsen, who stands for the Friday and Saturday concerts in the City's friendliest jazz hall.

Kjeld Lauritsen and his Hammond organ trio have long excelled in groovy music with inspiration from Jazz, Soul and Blues. When they met singer Niels HP at a concert at La Fontaine in Copenhagen, it was a perfect match. With his beautiful voice and the unerring swing, he is a singer who can hand in a personal version of a well-known melody and jam on the band's improvisations, both as vocalist and percussionist.
Niels HP is often referred to as one of the best soul-singers we have at home. With a past in the legendary funk band Ridin' Thumb and the successfull release Different Moves/Different Grooves, he has helped set a high standard in the genre. With deep inspiration from among others Stevie Wonder and Donny Hathaway, Niels HP has, with his rhythmic playful vocals won many hearts at his concerts in both the country and abroad, and is not least known for his involvement in various musical theatre setups like Hair, Matador, The Only One .
Kjeld Lauritsen plays on the large Hammond organ with a rotating Leslie speaker and foot-pedals. He is known for taking advantage of the instrument of playful improvisations. He fills the traditional role in gospel and organ jazz, namely to replace both keyboards and bassist. Kjeld Lauritsen, for many years, had the band "The Organizers" along with American saxophonist Bob Rockwell. Since then, he has published six records in his own name, as well as a few as a soloist with Big Bands and 2 in collaboration with the Icelandic saxophonist Sigurdur Flosason.
Bo Moller is a top-class musician on guitar; In addition to strong solos, he can also play eminent backing both for jazz and funk which has procured him over 200 gigs per year... His guitar playing shines with playing pleasure and he is one of the few musicians to cover the whole spectrum from modern jazz to soul, blues and the older styles of jazz.
On drums, Rasmus Lund is the perfect choice for the band with his eminent and multifaceted playing. He has a long CV with experience from both, Rock Jazz and Blues, and with Rasmus on the drums, every band will get into port safely. When he's not playing with the big names on the rock scene, he's a diligent guest in the country's jazz clubs.

Kjeld Lauridsen - Hammond organ / Niels HP - vocals / Bo Moller - guitar / Rasmus Lund - drums

Trouble Cats [DK]
Mojo - Saturday Oct. 27th 10 pm - Adm. 100 kr. - Tickets: mojo@mojo.dk

The Blues & Rootsrock band Trouble Cats celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2017. On this occasion , they released the live CD "Live in Aarhus 2017"-four stars in BLUES NEWS Norway). This spring, they followed up with a new studio album titled "4 ". The veterans of Aarhus prove that cats have many lives, and Trouble Cats anno 2018, is alive and bubbling like never before. Under their new motto: "in 2018 we run with the cat", the band is out at the venues all year round.

"with a stack of new quality tracks under the belt, new CD in the making and jobs in the calendar, the future looks very bright for this legendary, vital and seasoned band that you can only get you happy and musically enriched by experiencing." -Blues News

Trouble Cats arose in 1987, when the Blues boomed , and the venue was Eskil in Aarhus. In the following years, Trouble Cats was one of the most sought-after names, along with, among others, Ole Frimer Band, Shades of Blue, and Kent Thomsen & the Rich Ones, all came out of the Århus Blues scene. The band played 80-100 annual concerts in both Germany and abroad, and released several albums. In the 90s and the 00 's, Trouble Cats appeared in different versions, but in 2013 the original quartet was restored. In 2016, new drummer came in, and today Trouble Cats is still what they've always been: a band with their very own expression and a great love for the blues roots and the simple rock ' n ' roll.

Henrik Hansen - vocals/harp / Martin Blom Hansen - guitar/vocals / Morten Brauner - bass / Henrik Thorsen - drums

www.troublecats.dk   www.facebook.com/troublecats.dk  


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