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Festival 2019

Bartof Station: Lindsay Beaver

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Ronholt / Klitgaard [DK]
Sølund - Thursday Oct. 25th 3 pm - Adm. free

"The blues, the whole blues and nothing but The Blues..."
and also a little jazz, a bit of folk-music, some americana, great joy of playing and good humor,
then you have encapsulated the duo Ronholt / Klitgaard and their music.

Two old friends and brothers in arms, have played together through the last 30 years
and with many kilometers on the counter. There are emotions, good tunes and good
vibes from the scene.

They are best known for their long cooperation in the Barflies, but also for
their 40-year careers in blues bands like Smalltown Blues Band, Blues Train,
Delta Blues Band and Krølle Eric's blues Band etc.

Torben Ronholts vocals and slide guitars are in the major league, and Peter Klitgaard plays
a expressive and sophisticated blues guitar.

A warm musical experience awaits you on a cool Oktober day at Soelund.

Beer & Blues with Oscar Mukherjee [DK]
Rbabarrab - Thursday Oct. 25th 4 pm - Adm. free

As part of Copenhagen Blues Festival, Rbabarrab Beerbar on Vesterbro, are staging a 3 day
'Blues & Beer' festival. A couple of weeks before the festival, they held the ‘Chicago Beer Fest’
with 7 of Chicagos best and highest rated micro breweries.
Rbabarrab continues the success during the Copenhagen Blues Festival. Thursday, Friday
and Saturday, from 16.00 to 18.00, you can enjoy the Chicago brews to the tones of great
Chicago Blues. Start the festival days with a short solo concert at cosy, friendly Rbabarrab Ølbar.

This afternoon's performer is Oscar Mukherjee, DMA nominated blues singer and guitar player.
He recently released "The Vibe Recordings", the debut-EP from "Mukherjee Blues", his blues
trio with drummer Asmus Jensen (Delta Blues Band) and bassist Soren Boejgaard (Thorbjorn Risager).
This afternoon in October will be an afternoon of Chicago blues, played solo by Oscar.
See you at Rbabarrab!

Risager & Balsgaard [DK]
Mojo - Thursday Oct. 25th 7 pm - doors 6 pm - Adm. 80 kr. - Tickets: mojo@mojo.dk

Thorbjorn Risager is probably Denmark's biggest blues success in recent times.
His band, The Black Tornado, is touring the world and occasionally they appear on the Danish highways.
This Thursday during the Copenhagen Blues Festival Thorbjorn Risager and Emil Baldsgård play at Mojo.
Emil Baldsgård is one of the nation's foremost representatives in the Boogie piano style and together

with the Risager's top-notch vocals and guitars, they deliver an irresistibly swinging groove when they
interpret old blues and New Orleans classics, spiced with a selection of Risagers's own soul/blues
and his compositions.
Gaffa: "But The truth is that danish Thorbjørn Risager is the closest, we at home come to a blues singer-songwriter in the champions league class"

Reserve your seats well in advance at mojo@mojo.dk

CPH Blues Festival Blow Out [DK
Krudttoenden - Thursday Oct. 25th 8 pm - Adm. 135 kr. - Tickets: Billetto.dk

Copenhagen Blues Festival and Krudttoenden presents 3 exciting bands - total blow out !

Kl.20 Trainman Blues Duo
Kl.21 Copenhagen Slim Band
Kl.22 Bluegrass Breakout

Trainman Blues is the winner of the Year's DMA for best Blues album.
Trainman Blues is the brainchild of Irish Singer/songwriter Richard Farrell and bass player/producer Laust Nielsen. Winner of the ' Best Blues Album ' at this year's Danish Music Awards and winner of the Danish Blues Challenge, they have steadily gathered steam in the last 18 months.
Richard and Laust played their first gig together in December 2016 at Charlie Scott's bar, after the concert, the deal was sealed. A musical conversation started and before they knew it their most memorable song ' Wholesome Treat ' was written.
On this special evening they will play as an acoustic duo, an intimate performance, discovering the roots and core of the songs they wrote together.

Copenhagen Slim Band is a Copenhagen orchestra with Award-winning Nisse Thorbjørn in front.
Nisse Thorbjørn-gui/vocal/mouth harp, Rune Højmark - guitar, Michael Strange - drums and Kristian Bast - bass.
Chicago Blues and metropolitan soul are the foundation for musicality, which is found in the experienced quartet of Nisse Thorbjørn and is being built with a development against an increasingly original and own expression and repertoire of the Danish blues-name of the year Award winner, in 2009, is perhaps best known with his orchestra Copenhagen Slim Band, but is also touring solo and with the Robert Johnson Tribute, et al.
Copenhagen Slim Band has toured in the Netherlands, Germany, Norway and Sweden has backed among others American John Primer and Lurrie Bell. NisseThorbjørn has also released the CD "CPH Slim" which received 4 hearts in Politiken and he is the winner of the award as "Danish Blues Name 2009 " .

Bluegrass Breakout is a newly started bluegrass band that vibrate with musicality and playing enjoyment.
Julie Krogsbøll - fiddle/vocals, Thea Damgaard - bass/banjo/vok, Elisabeth Sørensen - vocals and Emil Meinild - guitar/dobro.
Bluegrass Breakout plays well-sung and well-sounding American folk music with roots in Bluegrass and the Old Time genre. The band interprets classics that have been immortalized by the old masters such as Bill Monroe, Carter Family and Stanley Brothers. The music is borne by three powerful vocals and exciting polyphonic harmonies.
Bluegrass Breakout has last appeared at the Tønder Festival, where the band gave it as hard-boiled outlaws, in their mission to play and relay bluegrass and roots music, as well as creating joy and enthusiasm for both big and small!

Wayne Baker Brooks [US]
Bartof Station - Thursday Oct. 25th 8 pm - doors 8 pm - Adm. 250 kr. - Tickets: Billetto.dk

Wayne Baker Brooks is born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, the youngest son of legendary Chicago guitarist Lonnie Brooks, who passed away on April 1st 2018. He is considered one of today's top guitarists who's signature style combines powerful vocals with liquid fire guitar playing that honors his rich blues heritage yet effortlessly expands the boundaries of the genre.

He told Blues Blast Magazine: “There was a time period when I was like six years old where my dad would have Ronnie and I help him write songs. He would have me on boxes and pots and pans. He would show Ronnie the bass line of what he wanted for the song, and he would sit there and come up with these grooves, man. Every now and then Ronnie and I would chime in with words like, ‘Say this, Daddy!’ And he’d say, ‘Yeah, that works,’ or ‘Nah, nah.’

“Ronnie and I are an extension of my dad’s legacy. My dad’s grandfather is the roots of the tree, and my dad is the tree, and we’re the branches. My dad set us up to take it further than what he did, and he took it further than what his grandfather did and he set it up for us to do that. He made it fun for us to want to do it. So, he did it in the most fun way. We had no clue what he was trying to do with his plan until we got older. His original plan was to have me on drums and Ronnie on bass and go out as a trio.

In 1997 Wayne Baker Brooks formed the Wayne Baker Brooks Band. In 1998 he co-authored "Blues for Dummies" with his father Lonnie Brooks and Rocker Cub Koda. He soon joined his father's band (Lonnie Brooks Blues Band) as his rhythm guitarist then quickly became bandleader & musical director. With the release of his acclaimed debut CD "Mystery" "an album that brilliantly draws on blues, blues rock, soul, funk and beyond" says All Music Guide, "Mystery" received multiple awards, accolades, and praise from the music world.

Along with releasing "Blues for Dummies" & "Mystery" he was soon touring the world and featured on national TV programs (including CNN's "Showbiz"), as well as endless national radio programs, performing at the 2003 Major League Baseball All-Star Game in Chicago, and even performing for First Lady Hilary Rodham Clinton at Chess Studios (Willie Dixon Blues Heaven Foundation) with legends Bo Diddley, KoKo Taylor, & Lonnie Brooks. At the conclusion of the band's explosive set, Hillary stated, "My husband is going to be so jealous he missed this!".

Wayne Baker Brooks and his band continue to record, make appearances on TV, and play the world over with WBB's signature top-shelf brand of guitar playing and a live show that should not be missed.

“Dad would always tell me and Ronnie, ‘Whenever you write, make sure it’s not cover songs or even like a cover song. Do your own. Don’t do what others are doing.’”

Wayne Baker Brooks - guitar/vocals / Todd Sharpville - guitar / Andy Tolman - bass / Steve Rushton- drums


Blues Fest Jam
Mojo - torsdag d. 25/10 10 pm - Adm free

In the festival week the traditional weekly Mojo jam is
transformed into a special sparkling Blues Festival Jam.

In charge of this year's Festival Jam are Rihard Farrell, guitar and vocals,
Alain Apaloo, guitar and vocals, Laust Nielsen on bass and Marco Diallo on drums.

It's an open stage with endless potential, so come on, bring your own,
instrument and take part in the fun, or just listen and enjoy.


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